Sustainability Policy Statement

SMT Shipping is dedicated to be a leader in the bulk cargo transportation sector. It strives to create value for clients and shareholders through strategic relationships and an understanding of the shipping and commodities markets. SMT Shipping’s path to excellence is based on best practice activities that are in alignment with the United Nations Sustainability Goals, a set of 17 inter-dependent goals that strive for environmental sustainability, human rights, global peace, and equity and justice worldwide. SMT Shipping is committed to the integration of marine environment, health, safety and social considerations in all aspects of project development and operations.

14: Life Below Water

SMT engages in a number of initiatives that support the world’s marine ecosystems. These include, but are not limited to, the strict use of low Sulphur marine fuel, the management of eco-friendly vessels, the maintenance...

13: Climate Action

SMT's fleet features many vessels with eco-friendly designs aimed at maximizing fuel efficiency and reducing emissions. SMT's minibulker/MPP vessel group includes the "super green fleet" whose environmentally friendly designs reduce fuel consumption by 25 to...

11: Sustainable Cities & Communities

SMT is proud to partner with local jurisdictions to promote sustainable development practices. This encompasses a wide range of policies, ranging from ethical treatment of our workers to recycling programs both on the vessels and...

9: Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

Innovation is at the core of SMT’s work. Our company is one of the global leaders in bulk and break bulk cargo, which is used by our clients to develop infrastructure around the world. SMT...

8: Decent Work & Economic Growth

SMT achieves full and productive employment and decent work for all women and men, including young people and persons with disabilities, and equal pay for work of equal value. SMT hires local professionals wherever possible...

7: Affordable & Clean Energy

SMT heartily supports the use of cleaner energy sources wherever possible.  Examples of this include solar energy in our offices and the use of cleaner shore-based electric power while our vessels are in port.  In...

4: Quality Education

SMT is  a learning organization, and the company is driven to raise the standards of maritime education within its community and throughout the world. SMT's e-learning platform provides its workers with easy access to training...

3: Health & Wellness

Good health and well-being are fundamental to worker effectiveness and satisfaction. SMT supports many initiatives that foster a healthy work environment, ranging from awareness training to fitness challenges. We are acutely aware of the stressors...

The SMT Core Themes

Health, Safety & Security

Health, safety and security are integral parts of SMT and our objective is to set up a work environment where safety is the primary objective at all times.


Environmental and biodiversity management is an integral part of SMT’s business and we aim to preserve the natural environment in all our operations.


SMT Shipping understands the importance of contributing to the social and economic development of the communities in which we operate.

Our People

SMT recognizes the importance of maintaining a positive work climate and endeavours to create a safe and respectful workplace which attracts high calibre employees.


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