SMT offer integrated transshipment services to move cargoes on or from larger vessels, when port facilities are insufficient or there are draft restrictions. In this way, we help our selected customers optimise their supply chain.


The entire transshipment operation is carried out using our own floating cranes, barges, tugs and transloaders. We provide a full and seamless service taking responsibility for each stage of the process supported by our dedicated and skilled team of engineers, captains, crew, and operations managers.


Over the last 13 years, we have successfully operated transshipment solutions in Venezuela, Uruguay, India, Trinidad & Tobago, Ghana, Guinea and Sierra Leone with an investment exceeding USD 200m.


We use the expertise we have gathered, acquired, and developed in transshipment projects worldwide to deliver services our customers can rely on.


With projects currently in Trinidad & Tobago, Ghana and Sierra Leone, achieving a turnover of around 13 mtpa, we continue to grow and develop this area of our business.


Operations at Takoradi in Ghana have been underway since 2013, and involve the export of manganese ore.


Freetown in Sierra Leone is an export operation of iron ore, which we have been running since 2021.  Point Lisas in Trinidad is an import operation of iron ore, since 2018. 

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