The Fine Art of Recycling

It takes a lot of energy to build, design and maintain a vessel that operates for over 30 years. To lower our carbon emissions, we invest in our existing fleet rather than recycling unnecessarily. And when we need to replace vessels, they are in line with the latest industry standards.

We recognise that our fleet has significant carbon/GHG emission reduction potential. To realise this, we established the ‘Towards Zer0’ programme in 2021 to find and implement particular decarbonisation solutions for our vessels.

This SMT program ensures that we :

  • Keep our competitive edge in the industry
  • Are prepared for upcoming regulations
  • Extend the economic life of our fleet
  • Apply new technologies on new vessels
  • Continue our role as a responsible company

All projects are based on the concept “going green by writing black figures” and combine decarbonisation with financial sustainability.


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“Blue Ocean” from the MAIM Solar collection by artist Christian Ibink, hangs in our Rotterdam office. The art was created from a former obsolete solar panel to promote the sustainability discussion 
MAIM“With our artworks, we aim to encourage innovative thinking and provide a daily reminder to change our mindset regarding methods of production and consumption. 
Our artwork isn’t just beautiful: it’s a daily call to action, serving as a conversation starter, a catalyst for change, and a bridge for a more sustainable future. “


The video on this page contains more information.
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