Whistleblower Policy

The SMT Board is committed to the highest standards of openness, probity, and accountability. 


Whistleblowing is when an individual wants to raise concerns about a perceived wrongdoing openly, confidentially, or anonymously, where there is a public interest element.


This is not the same as a grievance, which has no additional public interest dimension. Grievances, in the first instance, should be handled by the appropriate manager within SMT. However, if this fails to resolve the matter, the complaint may be referred to SMT's compliance team: anticorruption-compliance@SMTshipping.com


If it is believed that the matter involves suspected criminality or such serious misbehaviour that it cannot be discussed with the normal business contact, a whistle-blowing system is available that operates outside of the Board.


The whistle-blowing system is confidential: whistleblower@smtshipping.com