Health & Safety Policy

SMT is fully committed to providing a working environment where health and safety are the priorities.


SMT's Health and Safety Policy is applied to all our staff and other workers, whether on shore or at sea.



Our biggest priority is to protect our staff and other workers.


We take preventive action to ensure that all risks are monitored and constantly reduced.


SMT fully comply with all rules and legislation in the countries where we have offices or where we provide a service. In any operation, SMT also complies with the International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, including relevant conventions and guidelines.



SMT facilitate working environments with a focus on mental health and provide support in times of any mental imbalance.


We encourage all our employees to manage their mental and physical health and support work-life balance through flexible working arrangements.


The SMT Board and Legal department safeguard the commitment to protect the health and safety of our employees by:

  • Code of conduct.
  • Suppliers’ code of conduct.
  • Whistleblower Policy.
  • Diversity and Equality Policy.