Diversity & Equality Policy

SMT is committed to a diverse and inclusive work environment promoting justice, impartiality, and fairness.


SMT's Diversity and Equality Policy is applied to all our staff and other workers, whether on shore or at sea. All current and new employees are informed of the Policy and of the process in place for any concerns or questions to be raised related to diversity, equality or discrimination. Alternatively, this can be done through the whistleblowers scheme (which is also available on our website for external stakeholders).


We respect diversity in the true sense of the word. This covers all differences in social identity, age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, physical abilities and attributespolitical and religious beliefs.


We believe in an inclusive work environment where everyone is involved, respected, and valued equally and fairly without discrimination.


SMT does not tolerate harassment in any shape or form.


The SMT Board and Legal department safeguard the commitment to diversity and equality by virtue of:

  • Code of conduct.
  • Suppliers’ code of conduct.
  • Whistleblower Policy.
  • Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy.