Like many in our industry, SMT Shipping has spent these past months working diligently to facilitate crew changes for our seafarers.  SMT’s Crewing and Travel Department works closely to monitor the constantly changing information related to national border closures, visa restrictions, and flight availability.  SMT will use this webpage to provide our seafarers and their families with the latest information regarding COVID-19 and its impact on our crews.

For up to date information regarding national and regional restrictions pertaining to COVID-19, we invite you to check out these useful links:
IATA – An interactive map. Click on the country to receive updated information
WILHELMSEN – This is an interactive map created by Wilhelmsen, containing various data concerning possibility of crew changes or shore leave
WHO – Several maps, tables & graphs showing current situation in the world

August 2022

Pandemic restrictions update – 19.08.2022

The number of infections is continuing rising again in many countries. Unfortunately, in the latest two weeks several SMT ships have been affected by covid. Despite relatively light sickness symptoms (we believe owing to vaccinations),...

October 2021

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT Fleet Notice: Pandemic Update 21/10/2021 – Entering USA – only for vaccinated seafarers

Dear All, Please see below an information about Announcement of The White House. Following it only vaccinated seamen can enter USA (this refers also to transit flights). Considering majority of crew changes on Western Hemisphere...

April 2021

Fleet notice – pandemic update 22.04.2021

Amendments in crew changes procedures Please note, that due to consecutive cases of infections on board of our fleet vessels, we have to create more restricted on-signing procedures: On-signers with negative PCR tests done not...

October 2020

SMT and BAM/Alufer donate PCR & medical equipment to Guinea

On 6 October, SMT and BAM/Alufer donated a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Machine to the National institute of Public Health of Guinea (NISP) along with the required medical materials and equipment to ensure accurate diagnosis...

September 2020

SMT’s crew change in the Caribbean

The island nation of Trinidad & Tobago is among the many countries worldwide operating under a complete travel ban due to the pandemic.  In keeping with SMT’s extraordinary efforts to safely get our mariners on...

September 2020

SMT’s crew change crisis in West Africa

Due to travel lockdowns in both Guinea and Ghana, SMT’s recent crew changes in both Guinea and Ghana required complicated logistical solutions.  SMT chartered aircraft to fly on-signers and off-signers from Europe to West Africa. ...

September 2020

SMT Shipping encourages flu shots for all personnel

SMT would like to encourage all personnel and their families to get a flu vaccine.  Getting a flu shot helps protect yourself, your family, and your community from flu.  This year it will also help...

June 2020

Guinea crew change; mission accomplished!

A big round of applause to all involved in the recent crew change for our vessels involved in SMT"s Guinea transshipment project, including transshipper Conakry Pearl, barges Cape Verga Pearl I and Cape Verga Pearl...


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