December 2022

SMT Shipping adopts guest room at Familiehuis Daniel den Hoed

Since December 2022, SMT Shipping has adopted one of the thirty guest rooms at Familiehuis Daniel den Hoed. SMT Shipping adopted this guest room to ensure that cancer patients and their loved ones can stay close to the hospital as well as close to each other. Previously, SMT Shipping’s colleague Chemship was the only other maritime company adopting a room at the Familiehuis.

SMT Shipping considers it important to make social contributions within the communities it operates in, and the company is proud to join alongside its colleague in supporting Familiehuis Daniel den Hoed. Marcel Heijnsbroek, CFO of SMT Shipping shared the following about the company’s new endeavor: "The goal of the Familiehuis and the way in which volunteers provide a warm loving environment for people who have to stay close to their loved ones in the hospital touched us deeply. Therefore, following Chemship's lead, SMT Shipping has decided to support the Familiehuis, a charity that relies entirely on donations and volunteers, for an extended period of time by adopting a guest room."  Thanks to this support, SMT Shipping ensures that hundreds of families can stay together. "We hope this will cause a chain reaction within the maritime industry and that more companies will follow suit."

A 'home' close to the hospital
For over thirty years, Familiehuis Daniel den Hoed has provided a warm temporary ‘second home’ within walking distance of the hospital to family members of cancer patients. Thanks to the Familiehuis, they can be close to their loved ones for support. Cancer patients receiving outpatient treatment at the Erasmus MC Cancer Institute can also stay with us, for example when it is too stressful to go home between treatments. The length of stay of guests varies from a single night to sometimes weeks- or months-long stays. Approximately 70% of our guests are relatives and 30% are patients.

Guests pay a limited own contribution of € 25,- per room, per night. The actual cost of an overnight stay is at least four times this amount. "We prefer not to increase this own contribution because everyone, for whom it is necessary, should be able to stay in the guesthouse at an affordable rate. In addition to the guests' own contribution, the Familiehuis is therefore completely dependent on donors. We are very happy with companies like SMT Shipping and Chemship who commit themselves to the Familiehuis for a longer period of time. So that patients, but also partners, children, parents, brothers/sisters are assured of a place close to their loved ones when there is treatment at the Erasmus MC Cancer Institute." said Rachel Maréchal, director Familiehuis Daniel den Hoed.


For more information you can contact: Heidi Leeuwangh, Familiehuis Daniel den Hoed,
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