June 2020

Guinea crew change; mission accomplished!

A big round of applause to all involved in the recent crew change for our vessels involved in SMT"s Guinea transshipment project, including transshipper Conakry Pearl, barges Cape Verga Pearl I and Cape Verga Pearl II, shuttle vessel Honor, and tugs Stork and Polen. This extensive operation included a chartered flight from Amsterdam to Cape Verde Islands, then a full day's trip onboard transport vessel Kasey to a mid-ocean rendezvous point with our SMT flotilla! Once again, this project could not have been successful without the help of so many individuals: SMT's Crewing and Travel Departments were instrumental, as were SMT’s Marc Smeets, Geerten Vreugdenhil, Jacek Kaszubski and all our colleagues at EMAR Offshore Services. We thank Mark A. van Elzakker, Head Immigration Liaison Office & Border Office in the Netherlands once again for his full support, Bruno Silva of Navex - Empresa Portuguesa de Navegação for his great work as our agent in Cape Verde, and the entire flight crew of the A380 we chartered from SmartLynx Airlines Ltd. Above all, we thank our devoted seafarers who go above and beyond expectations every day for the benefit of our SMT community. Let’s keep up the great work!