April 2021

Fleet notice – pandemic update 31.03.2021

Shore leave restrictions in Europe

According to the previous Fleet Notice we decided to suspend shore leave permission in the European countries, where number of infected persons per 100,000 citizens is greater than 100.

Below is updated list, which will be in force from Apr 01st , superseding current one. Shore leave is suspended in the countries marked red:

Above list will be valid until Apr 15th .

Shore leave on the other continents
Because of questions raised from time to time we remind that shore leave in the other world regions (non Europe) is still suspended. It is valid until the release in certain regions will be announced.

Suspended crew changes in UK, Ireland, Brazil, South America and Africa
According to the information in the previous Fleet Notice, crew changes in following countries are suspended (period extended until Apr 30th) :

  1. UK and Ireland
  2. South America, excluding Central America an Caribbean Islands
  3. Africa (excluding crew changes on Transshipment Stations in Ghana and Guinea)

Considering above restrictions the contracts of Seafarers on board of certain vessels may be shortened or extended to allow repatriation from the other countries according to the vessel’s ports schedule. We will arrange the crew changes in the other countries wherever and whenever it is possible, as long as it is permitted by local authorities.

Quarantine for people arriving in Poland
The government of Poland informed about the obligatory quarantine for travelers arriving in Poland. All rules are described in details in Polish Journal of Acts. For us the most important regulation is the exclusion from that obligation of seafarers travelling home from the ship.