July 2021

Fleet notice – pandemic update 15.07.2021

Shore leave restrictions in Europe

According to the previous Fleet Notice we decided to suspend shore leave permission in the European countries, where number of infected persons per 100,000 citizens is greater than 100.

Below is updated list, which will be in force from July 15st, superseding current one. Shore leave is suspended in the countries marked red:

Above list will be valid until July 31st.

Shore leave on the other continents
Shore leave shall remain prohibited in the light of the upcoming 4th wave especially considering that Delta strain is known to be far more contiguous than all of previously known mutations of COVID19 virus.

Suspended crew changes in South America and Africa
According to the information in the previous Fleet Notice, crew changes in following countries are suspended (period extended until July 31st):

  1. South America, excluding Central America an Caribbean Islands
  2. Africa (excluding crew changes on Transshipment Stations in Ghana and Guinea)

We will arrange the crew changes in the other countries wherever and whenever it is possible, as long as it is permitted by local authorities.

Quarantine before joining the vessel
As it was already announced in the separate Fleet Notice, we have implemented the 4-days quarantine before joining the vessel. The quarantine will be performed in the hotels indicated by the company. The reason of it was to reduce the possibility of infection on board caused by on-signer who had negative result of PCR test 72 hrs prior departure from home, but became “positive” after 3-6 days. It however makes sense only if the persons on quarantine maintain all precautions including isolation from the others. We have observed, that certain groups ignored restrictions and performed informal meetings in the places designated as a smoking areas. It cannot be tolerated. We also remind all, that travel is a part of the contract and consumption of alcohol in this period is prohibited with all the consequences for violators.

Vaccination in US (or other) ports
We look positively on the increasing availability for vaccination worldwide. The company is developing a policy governing vaccination, which will be in keeping with all relevant national, regional, and industry regulations. As this policy develops, we will be addressing issues pertaining to vaccine on a case by case basis.

Crew benefits/restrictions after vaccination
We decided, that the persons, who have taken 2 shots of vaccine (or 1 shot of Johnson & Johnson) and are in possession of relevant certificate, will be released from quarantine before joining the vessel. Vaccination doesn’t release from necessity of PCR tests to be done 72 hrs before the travel to the vessel. We are working with the doctors to obtain professional opinions concerning eventual releasing of other restrictions for vaccinated people (like for example not required PCR tests or granted shore leave), but so far there are no consistent opinion neither from medical companies, nor from medical and maritime authorities including WHO and IMO yet. We are doing our utmost to release other restrictions for vaccinated persons as soon as it will be possible.

Non-crew benefits/restrictions after vaccination

  1. Office Personnel with valid COVID passport can be allowed to attend the vessel without quarantine and without additional PCR testing unless PCR is required by airline or border control.
  2. 3rd Parties personnel in possession of valid COVID vaccination certificate shall be excluded from quarantine but still PCR tested.
  3. Persons indenting to board the vessel and not fulfilling conditions described above shall be quarantined for 4 days and be PCR negatively tested prior to being admitted to the vessel.